Beauty masks are the hottest new trend and we are 100% on board with this new fade. We tested multiple masks found through the Medical Grade skincare world and are sharing our favorite three below.

Does anyone else notice the trend in skin care products and natural skin vs makeup and overdid eye shadow? Maybe it is all I want to see, but I am really loving it and hoping the younger generations continue this no makeup, start your skin care early trend.

There are lots of things you should do in order to have a skin care routine that works for you. The first step is to go to a professional, get medical-grade products that are recommended for your skin concerns, and follow the professionals’ advice. Also, stop wasting your time on those cheaply made drug store products, they are doing so little for you and you are paying for the name.

Today we are going to look at 3 Amazing Beauty Masks for different skincare concerns. Let us know in the comments below if you have ever tried one of these or what your favorite product is.

1. Esthemax HydroJelly Masks

7 Different HydroJelly Masks: Luminous 24K gold, super greens strength, hyaluronic acid, brightening complex, egyptian rose, antioxidant goji, intensive aftercare high end beauty masks that you need to try

The HydroJelly Mask is all the rage right now and even better that you can now bring it home with you or have it shipped right to your door! If your spa does not know about this yet, you have to let them know since some of the masks are not yet available for retail buyers.

Esthemax does an amazing job of showcasing how their products work and what concerns you should use which products for. They do live Q&A’s and demos through their Instagram page. This is a beauty mask you will find in my bathroom at all times. Egyptian Rose, Super Greens Strength, and Luminous 24K Gold are all personal favorites.

Have you tried a HydroJelly Mask before? What did you think? Tell us in the comments below.

2. La Mer

the lifting and firming beauty mask by la mer

La Mer was one of the first beauty products I was introduced to and it was then that I knew to buy the top brands that have done their homework for skincare. I was lucky to be gifted a small jar of this project and was not only able to see the amazing effects but also could feel them as it worked wonders on my skin.

Beauty Masks make the perfect gift for that hard to shop for friend.

This french brand is well known with lots of different products for each type of skin, but their classic looks has not changed and we love that. If it is not broken, don’t fix it. If it is your skin that is broken, try one of their beauty masks first.

The lifting and firming mask is made from their key ingredient Miracle Brothโ„ข, and Concentrated Lifting Ferment formulated without Parabens, Phthalates, or Sulfates. Plus they offer complimentary shipping, gift wrap & samples with every order. This is definitely one of those items I have on my Christmas wish list every year.

3. DermaQuest

beauty masks sold by dermaquest. image shows dermaquest shopping bags

DermaQuest is my number one product for Medical Grade Skincare. My bathroom is full of it and my skin loves it. If you want to enhance your natural beauty, you need to look into DermaQuest and start achieving your goals. Their acne line is full of great products but a personal favorite is their DermaClear Mask. This mask is clay-based and has salicylic acid and willow bark working to clear away the dirt while plant stem cells start healing and protecting.

If you live in the USA, we noticed that they recently launched a CBD line. Though we have yet to try any from this collection we know the head chemist only works with the top ingredients, making it a must try for us.

Are you already a DermaQuest fan? Tell us your favorite products down below.

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