Over the last few months, exploring our city was a bit difficult for obvious reasons. But with summer underway, itโ€™s time to get out of the house and explore our city again, post-Covid style. Have you heard of Wahoosh Falls? Itโ€™s a cute little waterfall in the Greater Toronto Area. This is by no means Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica, but the sound of the water makes you think it could be. Tucked away off Mississauga Road, in Mississauga, Ontario, you could live close by and never know it was there. As loud as this little waterfall is, the sound doesnโ€™t travel upstream. So, put on your hiking shoes, pack your water bottles and letโ€™s go hiking to Wahoosh Falls.

exploring our city

Exploring our city…

When I arrived mid-afternoon, I saw about 15 people exploring our city. They were standing around the river bank for some weekend adventure. I watched a couple of families wading in the water and others were trying to get as close to the gushing water as possible. It was nice seeing other people out on such a wonderful day.

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The experience was mentally equivalent to being at any other famous waterfalls and others like me, stood on the bank staring at those bold enough to immerse themselves in the experience. Children and adults were laughing and splashing and everyone seemed all too happy to get out of the house for some adventure on a Saturday afternoon.

The heavy rainfall earlier left the river banks too muddy and wet to even think about leaving my backpack anywhere, plus, I was exploring our city solo! Still, I admired the waterfall and wondered how this little waterfall made such a loud roar. I eventually climbed off the bank and decided to stand as close to the falls as possible to get some more adventure, post-Covid style.

people exploring our city

The frothy water was flowing downstream for miles and miles into the Credit River. While I was exploring our city, I hiked on Burnhamthorpe Road bridge earlier passing the same river. My hike started from Riverwood Conservation, approximately 30 minutes away from Wahoosh Falls and the GPS took me straight to the location with ease.

It was a bit weird when I arrived because I couldn’t see or hear the falls initially. It was when I turned unto an unpaved path and spotted other post-Covid adventurers that I knew I was in the right place. All the better for making sure that when you find Wahoosh Falls, it remains a hidden treasure of tranquillity.      

See Riverwood Conservation

The water looked brown as it seemed to adopt the colour of its landscape, but when I cupped it into my hands, it’s as clear as, wellโ€ฆwater. Maybe on a dry and less rainy day, I would have sat around on the rocks, my feet dangling, while reading a novel, but not today.ย  Even still, this weekend adventure to Wahoosh Falls was well worth it. The beauty about it was that, as they say, if you’re not looking for something, you won’t find it.ย I loved my little waterfalls adventure. I learned something new while exploring our city this weekend.

The best part about visiting Wahoosh Falls is that there were no line ups or crowding. There was much space for everyone to wade in the water, or spread out along the river banks. So I encourage those who live in the Greater Toronto Area, to put Wahoosh Falls on your list of things to do this summer. Like me, you can park at Riverwood and hike, or park on nearby residential streets for free. Letโ€™s begin exploring our city again, post-Covid style.

Location: 3669 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 2S4 

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Exploring our city again post-Covid style. Are you ready for a new adventure?

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