The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a new normal for everyone and everything, including dating… pandemic dating. Gone are the days where you can go meet someone at a bar for a drink and see how things go. Between restaurants being closed, social distancing, and our new fashion accessory – a mask – it can make the dating world pretty tricky to navigate. Pandemic dating options are limited and there are so many precautions to consider when meeting someone new.

If you’re still swiping hard during the pandemy (yes, I now refer to it as the “pandemy”), here are 3 best pandemic dating practices that you should definitely keep in mind.


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Be Extra Considerate

You don’t know everyone’s comfort levels when it comes to The Coco (COVID-19 term stolen from my new favourite IG Comedy Queen) and you have to be respectful from the beginning. Here are some great starting points to think about when you’re planning your next date.

Don’t: go to crowded public spaces, sit on a bench to chat, share food or drinks, sit too closely, shake hands, hug, assume sitting on a patio is comfortable for the other person, feel obligated to stay on the date if it’s making you feel uncomfortable.

Do: suggest large outdoor spaces, bring a mask and a backup mask, bring hand sanitizer, bring your own blanket, food and drink if that’s conducive with your plans, have alternate plans if your date isn’t comfortable with your first choice, check-in and make sure your date feels ok with the Coco precautions you’ve taken.

Be Clear with Intentions

It’s so important to ensure your intentions are clear when dating in general; are you out looking for a good time? Are you looking for a serious relationship? Or are you using dating as a distraction from someone else (no judgment here)? Being able to acknowledge your mindset going into a date, especially during a pandemic, is so important.

Humans are more inclined to mate when experiencing high-risk situations (like pandemic dating).

Especially during a pandemic, you want to make sure you’re in the right headspace before you decide on who you want to date. When we’re in a place of fear or uncertainty, we look for different character traits than when we’re in a place of abundance and happiness. By being able to acknowledge the intentions that you have, you’ll be able to (hopefully) avoid bad decisions and choose to date people that are healthy for you!

Couple on a pandemic date in masks

Be Self Aware

Did you know that science has proven that humans are more inclined to mate when experiencing high-risk situations (like pandemic dating)? Marriage and family therapist Nicole Arzt is quoted as saying…

โ€œEvolution would suggest that we’re more primed to connect and mate with others during high-risk situations. That’s because we naturally feel more vulnerable and weak. To increase our chances at survival, we seek support to pool our resources and collectively increase our strength. Nobody likes to feel alone, and in stressful situations, we’re more inclined than ever to want to find someone!โ€

Psychology Today

With that being said, when you’re on your dating app and trying to decide whether to go on a date with this person (or not), sit back and truly ask yourself if this is someone you would date outside of COVID-19 or if this is a result of perhaps, being a bit lonely, or if your human instincts are kicking in full gear.

There’s so much to consider when deciding whether to take up pandemic dating or not, but the main thing is to remember to stay socially distant, wear your mask and don’t do anything that’s going to make you uncomfortable!

Leave a comment below if you’ve taken up pandemic dating and if you’ve found it’s working for you or not! I’d love to hear.

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3 Best Practices for Pandemic Dating

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