Do you suffer from stress, back pain, physical imbalance, depression, or even negative self-talk? Have you considered yoga? Some people are mindful of their own challenges and find healthy ways of coping with them, but some of us suffer, choosing to believe this is how it has to be. The better question is, what steps are you taking to relieve your stress-level, build muscles, or calm your mind? Lately, whenever I go see my family doctor, this is the question my doctor asks me: Have you considered yoga? And for good reasons too! I will share with you 10 amazing benefits to consider yoga that will leave you feeling healthier, stronger, mentally alert, and ready for any day.

girl in a yoga pose called down dog
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Here are 10 Yoga Benefits:

  1. Stress Management
  2. Reduce Back Pain
  3. Better Breathing
  4. Mental Calmness
  5. Improve Balance
  6. Strengthen Bones
  7. Supports Your Joints
  8. Increase Muscle Tone
  9. Increase Flexibility
  10. Helps With Anxiety & Depression

Stress Management, reduce back pain, better breathing and mental calmness:

Stress shows up in our lives in different ways, and it makes itself known through such ailments as muscle tightness, back or neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sleeping problems, and/or lack of concentration. When you have a regular practice, you learn to control your breathing more effectively which in effect gives you mental calmness. You are less focused on the external or circumstantial problems, and more focused on the present. Stress manifests as our minds talk to our bodies negatively. And it is important that you are aware of your thoughts, your breathing, and that you return your focus to the present. That’s why a regular yoga practice will help with stress.

Improve balance, Strengthen bones, supports joints, increase muscle tone, and increase flexibility:

Yoga is such a great alternative for fitness. It works every area of the body, the muscles, joints, and bones, which is why you have increased flexibility if done regularly. As such, there is less chance of injury, and it restores your beautiful joints. There are benefits to your cardiovascular health. Breathing techniques, controlled positioning, and muscle targeting exercises allow for great blood flow.

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Helps with Anxiety and Depression:

Yoga has a powerful combination of meditation and physical movement. These provide two important elements for relieving anxiety and depression. Controlled, focused movements help strengthen the body-mind connection. When you increase your heart rate, you also increase your relaxation response over the stress response in the body.

I have been an avid โ€œwatcher” of Yoga with Adriene, a YouTube channel, for a couple of years now. But, even more so this year. I find that this fitness ritual is doable for everyone. The good news is that you donโ€™t have to venture out of your house to achieve this fitness goal. So, turn on your computer, get into your comfy clothes, get on your mat (or your carpet), and letโ€™s consider yoga. Personally, I enjoy yoga before bed, because it allows me to relax my mind and body. My go-to choice is always Yoga with Adriene because she is a thoughtful coach.

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Yoga has multifold benefits. Not only is it a stress -reliever, it also strengthens the body, in a way that builds flexibility, balance, and mindfulness. How cool is that? A one-stop-shop for the entire body, both the physical and the mental. So whether you are young or old, an athlete or not, yoga will help you reach your fitness goals, you can breathe your stress away and achieve that mental clarity we all need to be our creative, problem-solving selves.

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Top 10 Amazing Yoga Benefits For Everyone.

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