Travelling is always one of the biggest highlights of summer… and even during a global pandemic, we can still have tons of summer fun and make summer 2020 one for the books! With border closures and uncertainties about travelling out of the country, us Torontonians have to do a little research for “staycations” in and around the city. When was the last time you went to Toronto Centre Island? Have you visited Niagara Falls recently? There are tons of ways to get some summer fun in your life! Plan your next weekend using these great ideas.

Toronto Centre Island

There is so much to do at the Toronto Centre Island; bike riding, swimming, picnicking, lazing on the beach, walking tours, or eating at the local restaurants (Carousel Cafe, BBQ & Beer Co., or The boathouse). If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even head to Hanlan’s Point – Toronto’s only clothing-optional beach! Whatever you do, you are certain to have a good time. Normally, the Centreville Park would be open, but thanks to COVID-19, it’s closed for the season. Sigh…

two girls on the beach for summer fun

One of the benefits of heading to the island through COVID-19 is that work ends early for me! So, on a Thursday afternoon, I can catch the ferry and take a quick trip over to Centre Island instead of going straight home. Because I head over during the day, there’s really only a handful of people around… which is great for social distancing. Kids are often splashing and playing around making sandcastles and covering each other in the sand (as kids do).

I wasn’t really prepped for the beach at that time because it was so last minute, but I rolled up my pants and got my feet wet anyway. It was a hot day, thankfully we had the breeze off the lake which made the experience bearable.

After about two hours of beach time, I decided to explore the rest of the island. There were sailboats out on the water, cyclists on the boardwalk (you can rent a bike over there if you’re interested) and people were hanging out enjoying each others company. It was so nice to see. So, if you really use your imagination, a trip over to the Toronto Island can almost be like you’re on vacation. The Island is sure to bring some summer fun into your life, that you and your family will enjoy.

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Niagara Go Karts And Mini Putts

summer fun in go karts

I can personally attest that Niagara GoKarts and mini putting is going to bring massive amounts of summer fun into your life. This is a fun date idea if you and your date are looking for something different, and you can bet that this is something to do with the whole family as well. Personal protective equipment (ie. hair nets) were provided, and social distancing rules were enforced, so I felt safe.

Once I got into the GoKarts and made my way around the track, I felt like a kid again. After nine laps around the track, my date and I walked to the mini-putt course nearby. The course had a jungle-like animal design that guarded the holes, with beautiful flowers and plants everywhere. At a low price, you get to play 18 holes. With no one else on the course, it was easy to feel comfortable as we slowly made our way to the end.

woman playing mini putting for some summer fun

No trip to Niagara is complete without seeing the falls. Driving past the gushing water, I got a glimpse of one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The typical large crowds were gathered around the falls over weekend to see its beauty. If you want to avoid humans as much as possible, you don’t even have to leave your car to get a view of the falls. It is always so spectacular to see.

Whether you head over to the Toronto Island for a day trip or take a road trip out of town to Niagara, you can find so many awesome activities to have some summer fun. COVID-19 has put a bit of a damper on things, but you can still make the best of summer 2020. Travelling doesn’t always have to mean taking the plane or crossing a border.

At a time when many feel a little uneasy to travel again and are unable to cross the border, we are so lucky to have so much to do here. Cheers to summer 2020 and all the summer fun it will bring you.

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