Did you know that there are a lot of people out there who donโ€™t use lube? It might be because thereโ€™s a stigma that for some reason using lube means that youโ€™re not able to get your partner turned on enough. Well, Iโ€™m here to tell you my friend that itโ€™s simply not true. You can improve a lot of things in the boudoir with just a small squeeze from that little lube tube.

Here are seven ways to integrate lube into your bedroom routine today!

ways to integrate lube

One: A Sexy Massageย 

After a long hard week, wouldnโ€™t it be nice to feel your partnerโ€™s fingers glide down your back and neck, releasing all the stress in your body? I mean how many of us would be more ready to get down and dirty if the tension weโ€™ve been carrying was slowly kneaded away? I know thereโ€™s a lot of people out there screaming me! me! right now. Starting out with a sensual massage will start to get the sexual tension starting to build between you and your partner, and with lube, itโ€™s extra relaxing and sexy. So if youโ€™re going to bring massage into the bedroom, grab some warming lube and start rubbing!

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Two: Step up your fingering and handjob game instantly!

A little warm lube goes a long way when it comes to handjobs and fingering. While yes when we start to get touched by our partners, our bodies react favourably, but a bit of lube would make this round of foreplay just that much better. Lubing up your hand and your partner’s penis will elevate every stroke and the same goes for fingering.

While I never endorse laziness when it comes to sex, lube does make everything a bit easier and it helps take things to the next level faster! This might be number two on this list but there are many ways to integrate lube when it comes to handjobs, as there are many techniques to learn.

ways to integrate lube

Three: Use it inside of a condom

Say it with me, friends, safe sex is cool! It really is a great idea to protect yourself from unwanted diseases. While I know thereโ€™s a rumour out there saying that condoms โ€˜feel differentโ€™ and it makes sex not that great, thatโ€™s not 100% true. Sure, does it feel different? Yes. Can it impact your sex life and make it worse? Absolutely not. Unless your partner has a latex allergy, then thatโ€™s an entirely different ballgame. Grab some lube, squeeze a small amount into the condom, and voila! A new experience that will feel fantastic.

Pro tip: itโ€™s even sexier if you lube up your partner with your hand first.

Four: Grind on your partner before penetration

While it will sound similar to fingering if your partner lubes up their hand and you grind against it, it will feel like experiencing a whole new world when it comes to foreplay.

How might you do this you may be asking? Have your partner get their hand slick and then place their hand under your vulva and labia while you slowly (or fastly) grind against it. The difference between fingering as well is that thereโ€™s no penetration. Itโ€™s like being on top during sex but a new twist!

Remember not all lubes are the same and it is important to check the make and ingredients.

Five: Use it when you masturbate

ways to integrate lube

No matter what gender you are or your relationship status, taking time out of a busy schedule for you time is always important. Why not level up your solo game by adding a few drops of lube to your hands or vibrator for an out of this world experience. Sometimes masturbation can get a little routine, so try something new. A few ways to integrate lube into your masturbation may include using a warming lube or perhaps a tingling sensation lube might be the perfect addition to your rotation!

Six: Lube is always a good idea for anal penetration

Please if youโ€™re going to have anal sex, lube up appropriately. Thereโ€™s a lot of pain that can come from anal sex that hasnโ€™t amply used lube to its full potential. And honestly, it makes everything a lot more pleasurable for all involved! Donโ€™t be disappointed with your first time doing anal by leaving out a pertinent friend from the rotation. Lube up!

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Seven: Grab some before vaginal penetration

Ladies start shattering the myth that lube is only used when you canโ€™t maintain your own lubrication. That ainโ€™t it! Lube can take your orgasms from a six to a nine or ten (partner depending)! Though when it comes to vaginal penetration you do run the risk of it getting a bit too slippery down there so make sure to use it sparingly because you donโ€™t want to lose complete friction. 

ways to integrate lube

So go ahead, experiment with lube, and start having more orgasms in your everyday life today!

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