Happy Libra Season, fellow Scales!

Your Ruling Planet: Venus

Your Ruling Symbol: Scales

Your Ruling Element: Air, which is intellectual.

You are a Cardinal Sign, which means you get things done.

I love Libra Season. That means that Fall is here, and with it, all things autumn-like pretty leaves, the Harvest Moon, cozy sweaters, football and chili, big, orange pumpkins, and most of all, Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

My prim and proper Capricorn husband referred to me as a โ€œPumpkin Spice Slutโ€ because I was binge drinking those things back in August. I could have been offended, but I wanted what I wanted, a very Venusian trait. And Venus, my Dear Stargazers, rules Libra.

Generally, Libra is seen as dainty, charismatic, full of glamour, lover of delicacies of all kinds from food and drink (Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone?) to cashmere blankets, to buttery leather on their car seats, to the perfect form of the written word, to music that morphs into an earworm that they set on repeat until they lose the charge on their phone, to just loving the simple pleasures that life brings them in general.

Libras want whatโ€™s fair, and theyโ€™ll fight for it, once they figure out what โ€œfairโ€ means.

Libras know how to tip their scales so that they always have something new to do or interesting going on, keeping them fresh, almost sniping off a personality piece of the next in line Scorpio, and the Scorpion ability to constantly and consistently reinvent themselves.

Libra wants whatโ€™s fair, and theyโ€™ll fight for it, once they figure out what โ€œfairโ€ means to that certain situation. Libra rules the law in general, which is why one would find The Scales on either side of it, or straddling the line of law until Libra finally, painstakingly, picks a side.

They usually win their wars, most likely with words. Libras, being Air Signs, are sharper than us regular folk. They have the mobility of Air to rapidly move thoughts in the mind so that competitors canโ€™t keep up. Your fellow Air Signs, Gemini, and Aquarius have that superpower as well, but in different formats. Gemini will argue you to death and wear you down to prove their point. That is until the Twins change their mind and then has to reissue their debate from a new vantage point. Aquarius is generally just smarter than us all. There are more geniuses born in Aquarius season than any other. Thereโ€™s really no need to deep dive into that here until late January 2021.

libra season

But Libra will use two sides against you to make themselves heard, to make war, to make peace, or even just to have silence. Their ability to tilt their scales back and forth, presenting both sides of a situation to back themselves up confuses their opponent, yet only serves to prove they, themselves to be correct. Thatโ€™s why you see them in courtrooms, and in rap videos.

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But this is only a touch on the many shades of Libra. Sadly, my Libran friends, youโ€™ll have to wait until October 1, 2020 to see what the month has in store for you. But for now, get to know some of your Libran brethren. Maybe youโ€™ll see yourself in some of them? Maybe youโ€™ll be like WTF how is this person a Libra? No worries, some of them surprised me too.

Letโ€™s pick a genre. How about Libras in entertainment? Sound good? Letโ€™s rollโ€ฆ.

Will Smith: 9/25 The Fresh Prince, or King rather, of Hollywood and 90โ€™s Rap, and still relevant from his teens to today at age 51. I know โ€œMiamiโ€ came out in the โ€™00โ€™s. Itโ€™s still my jam.

Lilโ€™ Wayne: 9/27 Tattoos count as art, and a Libra LOVES its art, as does his music embody his art as well. And letโ€™s not get started on his hair. Only Leo loves some good hair more than Libra. Art and beauty and style making and music and charisma. Lilโ€™ Wayne may win as the King of the Libra if I had to crown someone on this list.

Halsey: 9/29 If you put a Libra on a wanted poster it would be a picture of Halsey. She embodies all things textbook Libra. See Lilโ€™ Wayne and hand the Lady a crown to be the Queen.

Simon Cowell: 10/7 Youโ€™d think heโ€™s too mean to be a Libra, but he knows music, what people want, and heโ€™s usually spot on with his scathing (probably Mercury in Scorpio) critiques. But only a Libra can wear the same outfit for something like 20 years and still make it look good. I have no other idea how he does that.

Bruno Mars: 10/8 King of the Earworm, whether you like them or not, Bruno knows what sounds good, and other people pay him for that privilege in their own musical stylings. My favorite, โ€œUptown Funk.โ€ It gets me ready to box. Iโ€™d like to dedicate my perfect right hook to Mr. Mars, the Libra.

Nick Cannon: 10/8 Again, we see Libran longevity at itโ€™s finest. Nick first stepped on a stage at age 11, and now heโ€™s producer, tv host, starring on show du jour, and so on, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

John Lennon: 10/9 Beatle, man of his own words, husband, father, activist, Legend.

Cardi B: 10/11 I had to fact check this like four times. I swear I was going for a Sagittarius for her. But her speaking her damn truth, finding solutions in situations that looked hopeless, and being credited as the woman who united women rappers with her unapologetic stanceโ€ฆfellow Libras, rock on that you all share this sign with this woman. (Though, all of that is still a lot of Sag sh*t.)

Hugh Jackman: 10/12 Ok, 1, for me, because Iโ€™m old, heโ€™s hot. 2, heโ€™s Wolverine. I donโ€™t care what else heโ€™s done in his very prestigious entertainment career, he had muscles and chops and blades in his hand and was fierce and ferocious but had the heart of a lonesome romantic that only wanted things to be truthful and equitable. In as much, via Hugh Jackman, Wolverine must have been a Libraโ€ฆmoving onโ€ฆ

Jimin: 10/13 I was like โ€œwhoโ€ when I was first asked to do his chart. Then I was told of BTS and was like โ€œwhatโ€™s that?โ€ And then I saw those delicate Venus features on this young man, heard that mellow Venus Voice, and saw those smooth Venus moves. I was like โ€œoooohhhhhhhโ€ฆ.A boy band dude.โ€ He wears his Libra well. The male Halsey on the Libra wanted poster? Maybe in a few years when he comes out with his solo tracks.

Eminem: 10/17 Can you believe this little Gen X, potty mouth is a Libra? Believe it. Heโ€™s a lyrical maestro. Sorry Kanye lovers, but Marshall Mathers did it first, Marshall Mathers did it better, and Marshall Mathers may talk a lot of sh*t but he told his life in harmonious stories. Have you ever heard โ€œStanโ€? Genius. Libran Genius. Go to Spotify and treat yourselves.

Snoop Dogg: 10/20 He got his mind on his money and his money on his mind since 1992. We all know that Snoop raps, produces, and likes weed. However, did we ever think that heโ€™d use that Libran energy to co-host a hit cooking show with Martha Stewart? Libras like their noms, as we have dutifully stated. Also, did anyone ever suspect him of marrying and divorcing his high school sweetheart, only two flip his scale and be all โ€œMy bad, letโ€™s get remarried?โ€ No? He put a ring on it for the second time in 2008. Twelve years later and love is still a Libra dream.

Kim Kardashian West: 10/21 Her family drips with Scorpio so Iโ€™m a little surprised that she barely escaped being โ€œone of them.โ€ (I say that respectfully, Scorpio. of courseโ€ฆ) But itโ€™s Kim thatโ€™s in love with love. Itโ€™s Kim who is the peacemaker with her constantly bickering sisters. It’s Kim who likes to take family selfies with kids playing dress-up with Mommyโ€™s stuff while Mommy is all butt naked in a fur. Just a Libra thing. And Kim being a lawyer? Just another Libra thing? Wha? If she put her mind to it, who’s to say where that Libran mind will take her? No. Not representing herself in Divorce Court. Though, Iโ€™d give her an A for Effort if she did.

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Happy Libra Season, Fellow Scales!

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