Drinking a craft brew in the Creative Theatre District in Toronto, JACELYN flashes a knowing smile, confident in the promise that her debut album, Dovetailing, will bring to the music world.  

For those who have yet to discover the sultry yet vibrant song stylings of JACELYN, get ready to sing into your hairbrush while standing in front of the mirror to the musical jazz mix of Dovetailing. This album is for the jazz lover in you that you didn’t even know existed. I assure you that Dovetailing has a little summin-summin for everyone. Straight up, it’s worth the download.

In her natal chart, that Leo sun is right on top of Mars, the planet of energy, also in Leo, in the house of communication. She’s an endless ball of momentum, always going in forward motion, and on to the next thing, as there’s no time to waste for this blossoming Jazz Songstress.

“Such a cliche of a Leo,”


Star shining smile, a blonde mane of hair, blowing in the wind, “Such a cliche of a Leo,” JACELYN quips. Glittery face mask, basic black skirt, and adorable patterned tights that pair just perfect with her air cast boot for a foot injury she won from a recent tennis match.

Also in her natal chart, JACELYN has Mercury, the planet of how one thinks and of communication, also in Leo, but in Retrograde. This Lioness can roar but prefers to do it with a microphone and on stage. She sings of feelings, her stories, and the stories of others. Being that her first out of the gate is, Fool from Dovetailing, she does her storytelling quite well.

But first, let’s clear up two things that you may be thinking as you read this:

1: What does Dovetailing mean? I took it to be a weaving of two art forms together, as JACELYN is a true lover of both music and art itself.

2: Why is JACELYN’s name in all caps? Well, let’s ask her, shall we?

JACELYN: “It’s hard to spell my name and get it right. So we thought, let’s make that prominent.”

ME: “I felt that one of the reasons your name is all caps is to make it unforgettable.”

Even with all of that Leo, she quietly blushes and looks away shyly at the notion.

I start off our chat with a nod to her Spotify channel, aptly called JACELYN. There was something unique about it. Not only were there songs from Dovetailing on it, but Christmas tunes as well. There’s nothing I love more than a good, jazzy Holiday jingle, so I had to go there.

ME: Colour of Christmas and Jingle Bells are on your Spotify ala 2019.

Is a new Christmas album in the works?”

Please say it is!

JACELYN: “Yes, I just got the grant, and should be released in 2021. We have a new Christmas single coming out this year. The working title is “The Best Fucking Christmas Song Ever!”

Can it be any better than “Merry Fucking Christmas,” as crooned by Mr. Garrison in South Park circa 1999? But I have faith in Jacelyn, so if she says it’s the best fucking Christmas song ever, it just maybe so. And Mr. Garrison isn’t very jazzy, so there’s that as well.

ME, making small talk: What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

JACELYN: Anything seductive that makes you wanna…like..move your body with someone you really like…love.

ME: Can you give a shout out to a particular song or artist?

JACELYN: Who do I think does it really well? I think The Weeknd does it really well, actually. He makes you want to…

Yup. Got it!

Indeed, he does. And now I’m blinded by the light of his Aquarian ass, as it seems that JACELYN is too, being that Aquarius is Leos opposite sign. So, a fitting suggestion for this Kitty Cat.

ME: “HOW do you get inspired? It’s a little different than WHAT inspires you because that could be it’s 3 AM and you hear a tune in your head the next thing you know, you’re at a piano.”

JACELYN: “It actually happens with my iPhone and my voice recorder. I could be using my hands as drums on a table. To give you an example, literally, a lot of music inspires more music for me. Or artwork. I see artwork and it inspires me (as well).

So a quick nod back to JACELYN’s natal chart, her rising sign is Gemini, which is dual. This makes her chart ruler Mercury, as it rules Gemini. So it would only make sense that JACELYN would title her debut album after a symbol of the two things that best define her. It’s the retrograde that makes the title subtle, but still powerful in its context.

Anyway, back to inspiration…

JACELYN: “So, I’m sitting in this coffee shop and there’s a guitar riff playing in the music (in the cafe) and I just started singing In The Heart of the Light, by Ashley Lord. Actually, that’s the title of my girlfriend’s book of poetry that just came out. I’m reading it in the bath and in the morning when I’m thinking of things that I want to be inspired about. So it’s in my mind and it comes up with the song or the beat of what’s playing in this coffee shop. So I record it on my phone, and I send it to my friend, who is the author (Ashley Lord, poet, author, healer,) of this book.”

“It could happen from anywhere and anything. Whether it’s happening to me or that I am observing it. It’s cool.”


On a feminine note, Ashley Lord “blessed” Dovetailing with a poem called “Woman Wildflower,” which is about the blossoming of a woman and her creativity. That seems to be an appropriate, esoteric gift for the prosperity of your friend’s debut album. “It was kind of beautiful.”

While we’re on the subject of sisterhood, the art that JACELYN speaks of can be seen as a visual piece of at first 10, but now 18 female artists who created pieces of mixed media based off of songs from Dovetailing, a number that I’m sure will continue to grow.  

Moving on…

ME: *If I understand it correctly, your Kickstarter raised $30,000 CAD in 16 hours, and I believe hit $60,000 CAD in 48 hours. What did that mean to you?

JACELYN: “I felt so supported. I had been doubting myself a lot, whether I could do it? If people wanted me to do it? They’re actually listening, you know? That was confirmation that I WAS supported and to do it.”

ME: “Do you feel like a higher power helped that along?”

JACELYN: “Yes, absolutely.”

That’s a great way to be blessed, when dreams come true in two days.

Some guy in convertible drives by, and throws her a flirt. JACELYN waves “Hi” and smiles like it happens every day. Probably because it does.

ME being nosy: “Does he want your number or an autograph?”

Again, I’m met with shy silence as my answer. I just assume that it’s probably both.

ME: “Do you think you’re true to your sun sign?”

JACELYN: “Yes. When I read things about Leo I’m like “Yep.” When I tell people that I’m a Leo they’re like “Ohyeahyeahyeah, that makes sense.”

“I feel like, just sitting here on the street that people are trying to engage with me…”

Valid. She’s been nodding and smiling at passing strangers since this interview started. A testament to star quality, or the fact that JACELYN is just a nice person in general.

JACELYN: “There’s a glow about Leos presence that makes them present.”

ME: “Would you say that Leos are magnanimous?”

JACELYN: “Yes, that’s the perfect word. Good for you!”

I pat myself on the back. All those years Words With Friends have finally paid off.

This go on while a random person that JACELYN had a random conversation about pizza stops by to say hello. The second interruption in just 15 minutes. I assume this happens to her more than she’s letting on. But again, she’s delightfully gracious, perfect smile as she raises her glass to said person as they walk on by.

I raise my own glass of iced tea, toasting myself for managing to keep my buck wild raptor puppy from breaking into the room I’m in and trashing it on camera while I’m trying to conduct this interview.

ME: “Dovetailing could be the beginning of something bigger than you.”

JACELYN: “I sure hope so.”

ME: “Are you ready for it.”

JACELYN: “It should be something bigger than me. I want to bring people together and I think that I already am.”

ME: “How so?”

JACELYN: “Like with the women I have coming together for a project and some philanthropic things in the works.”

And honestly, in summation, JACELYN is working to bring people together during the trying days of this pandemic. If there’s ever been a time to try out some innovative jazz to lift your spirits, this is it.

ME: “Would you say that you’re a womens advocate?”

JACELYN: “Oh, for sure.”

ME: “How did that get into your spirit?”

JACELYN: “My Mom. I’ve never seen someone be so kind to all different types of women. She wanted to see them succeed, support them, lift them up, and be their sister. I’ve never seen my Mom be catty or unkind, or bully another woman.”

A woman who says she wants to uplift other women and actually go forward to do so, in my opinion, is a rare bird…or cat, for our purposes here. Leo, most always noble and loyal.

ME: “Do you ever get tired?”

JACELYN: “I have endless energy until I don’t. The biggest message I get from my body is “slow down.”

ME: “Would you say that you wear your heart on your sleeve with your music?”

JACELYN: “Without a doubt,” but waves the question away with a playful laugh.

ME: “Would you consider yourself an old soul? Because jazz is pretty sophisticated, and you’re pretty young. That says old soul to me.”

JACELYN: “Yes, I could be an old soul. But one that is very playful.”

Let’s slide back to Dovetailing for a hot second…

ME: “Part of the mission of Dovetailing is to bring jazz to all audiences. Are you hoping to reach younger audiences? For example, by using rap in the bridge of the jazz music?”

Admittedly, JACLEYN states that she didn’t really appreciate jazz in her early days of performing, “But I was reintroduced to it again and I was like “hold on” and I was introduced to all of these different types of music from Amy Winehouse or Lauryn Hill who both use elements of jazz (in their music).”

To her point, the song This Dance on Spotify has two versions, the regular, which is a love song, and the remix which has a reggae vibe to it. This is a prime example of how JACELYN is indeed, reaching further to touch a whole new generation with her innovative version of pure jazz.

Like I mentioned above, a little summin-summin for everyone.

JACELYN: “The arrangement can really change the way a song sounds,” says the woman who self-taught herself how to play the ukulele. Kudos! “If it’s a good song, it’s going to bend. It’s not going to break, no matter what.”

ME: “What’s your favorite song on Dovetailing?”

Mine is Foreign Affairs. Just throwing that out there for ya. Even the video is eye candy, just as the song itself is an earworm.

JACELYN: “Awww…you can’t ask me to choose between my babies!”

ME: “Or do you love them all?”

JACELYN: “I love them all. They’re all special to me in some way.” She ponders for a quick moment. “I have a special place in my heart for “Fool.”

I confess, I have sung Fool in my car, albeit badly because I can’t sing for shit, on my way to get a last-minute Pumpkin Spice Anything because it was just one of those days. A cloudy day for a mini road trip, flavored coffee, and some slow, smokey jazz.

At which point, HRH, Queen of the Dovetailing must move along to her next engagement. We part ways, her leaving her artists cafe, and me leaving the amazing world of jazz music to try and potty train my buck wild, raptor puppy. My life is not as exciting as that of Miss JACELYN.  

Dovetailing is released to the world, on all streaming services worldwide on Friday, October 16th, 2020.

But if you can’t wait for the JACELYN goodness until then, you’re in luck. Thank the social media Gods for the following…

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/musicbyjacelyn/featured

IG/IGTV: @musicbyjacelyn

Website: www.musicbyjacelyn.com

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