You are what you eat is a very common expression we all have heard at one point in our life, however, have you really stopped to think about what it could mean?

Humans think theyโ€™re the driver of their decisions, the driver of their success,ย the driver of their failures andย toย some degree they are. But did you know youโ€™re more bacteria than human?

Over the last 20 years, scientists have come together to prove that the human gut has more responsibilities and impact on the human body, mind, emotions and reactions than weโ€™ve ever thought. 

Letโ€™s start with the fact that the human microbiome,ย which is the gut bacteria,ย is composed of trillions of bacteria. These bacteria tell you how you feel, what to eat, what to crave, and how to respond.ย 

I know what youโ€™re probably thinkingโ€ฆ โ€œBut I thought my brain did that?โ€ โ€ฆ which it doesย toย some degree. However, over the last decade, weโ€™ve learnt that the gut communicates with the brain via the brain-gut axis and has a massive influence on it.

โ€œA huge proportion of your immune system is actually in your GI tract,โ€ย 

Dan Peterson, assistant professor of pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

For example, letโ€™s look at serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy, it stabilizes your mood, and also helps with digestion and sleep. 90% of this neurotransmitter is produced in the gut. This is why people get โ€œhangryโ€ or why people get moody when they have a belly ache. 

You Are What You Eat

Your gut microbiome which we established was the bacteria in your gut, is impacted by your environment; you are what you eat, what you drink and even the environment youโ€™re in.ย 

You are what you eat, so eat something with good bacteria.

For so long we thought that the digestive system was there to just break our foodsย downย and feed us nutrients to be able to perform our daily duties. However, an unhealthy gut microbiome also called gut dysbiosis,ย has resulted in a lot of autoimmune diseases, intolerances,ย andย food sensitivities among other things!

The main reason why humans get sick is due to inflammation, and inflammation is normally caused by what you eat and drink. When you have too much inflammation in your body, it then gets developed into the traditional diseases that we know of such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, Chronโ€™s disease etc. 

A lot of geographical and social factors have impacted the development of the human microbiome including geographical location, smoking, drinking, eating junk food, genetically modified foods and stress. 

75% of your immune system is in your gut, so let me ask you something. How do you think your body can perform 100% when you don’t feed it 100%? How do you think your car would perform if you put water or diesel instead of petrol? is it going to work? Iโ€™m comfortably going to say no. So why would your body, gut and brain perform 100% when you don’t treat it like it?

The problem with the human body is that itโ€™s way too smart, it doesnโ€™t break instantly. For example, if you put water or dieselย inย your car it would automatically not work,ย so automatically you fix it!ย 

However, with the human body,ย it takes a while, years even sometimes decades to tell you it canโ€™t take it anymore or ask for help. This is why when humans hit aroundย theirย 50s or 60s things begin to breakย or not function as it should.ย Thisย didn’t just happen due to turning 50 or 60,ย this is due to a lot of inflammation and damage over the years.ย 

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So whatโ€™s a healthy human gut? Well, to be honest, no one has the answer to this. There isnโ€™t any research or proven theories that say โ€œthis is the right bacteria ratio for a human to perform 100%โ€. The best gut microbiome is the one that serves you every day without inflammation, pain, discomfort and it allows you to have a high-quality life.ย 

Having said that, weโ€™re able to assist it daily. By implementing the following factors just to name a few, so you can help your gut and quality of life to increase. 

  • Eat organic fruits – Pesticides create stress on your gut microbiome
  • Drink filtered waterย – Our water has a lot of pesticides, pollutionย andย dustย in it
  • Try to avoid any antibioticsย – This disrupts the human gut extensively.ย If you need antibiotics, make sure to take probiotics with it.ย 
  • Avoid artificial fibreย โ€“ Thingsย such as psylliumย donโ€™tย help the bacteria in your gutย 
  • Go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day – your gut has its own clock cycleย whichย by keeping it the same, willย give it consistency andย helpย eliminate stress

Sometimes just adjusting what youโ€™re currently doing already it can have a big impact on your health and mindset. 

How to look out for an unhealthy gut:

  • If you donโ€™t go to the toilet for number 2โ€™s – This is the bodyโ€™s natural way of detoxificationย soย if this process isnโ€™t happeningย thenย something isnโ€™tย rightย 
  • If you suffer from reflux weeklyย 
  • If you suffer from brain fogย 
  • If you suffer from bloating
  • If you feel tired constantly even if you have enough sleepย 
  • If you have skin rashesย 
  • If you have a dry scalpย 
  • If you suffer from depression or anxietyย 

The human microbiome is extremely extensive and scientists havenโ€™t even really began to dig into its full potential. But what we do know is the fact that if you eat junk food and refined sugars, thisย will create more bacteria that likes that sort of food. This means youโ€™reย going toย end upย cravingย the wrong foods over and over again.ย You areย what you eat.ย Break the cycle by providing your body with the right foods, drinks and environment.ย 

What you do today will determine your quality of life later on in life. Today, you should choose how you want to live in your 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s etc.

The choice is yours. 

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