Moving is stressful. Moving with someone else is even more stressful. Moving with someone else and a baby is HELL.  

If I had a nickel for each time my husband said โ€œwe have time to packโ€ or โ€œIโ€™ll do it tomorrowโ€, I would pay for one of those super fancy moving companies ten times over.  You know those companies that pack for you, move for you and then unpack for you? Yeah, those people Beyonce hires. 

Unfortunately for me, I donโ€™t have Beyonce money. This move was probably the most stressful and chaotic, which doesnโ€™t make any sense to me because we did hire a moving company, for the first time. 

moving is stressful

My husband and I have similar likes and dislikes but as individuals, we are very opposite. The majority of the time it works in our favour. Iโ€™m more laid back and can roll with the punches while my husband needs a little help not taking life so seriously. I remind him to have fun and he reminds me to be an adult. 

We also have a pretty unorthodox way of fighting (which we are working on ) but anyone that is around us while we argue can easily mistake us for Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne! Between the yelling, swearing and eye-rolling itโ€™s a little bananas but at the end of the day, we always find a way to calm ourselves and communicate. Communication is most definitely the key, we might not start off with the most productive communication but we end up there eventually. 

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According to an article on โ€œresearch has shown that moving is more stressful than divorceโ€. Iโ€™m going to be completely honest with all of you, I can relate to that. I love my husband more than anything, he is honestly the best husband (sorry not sorry) but when we move, damn! We both turn into different people, scary people! 

moving is stressful

I end up nagging more than I ever thought possible and he ends up hoarding empty shampoo bottles and deodorant cans. 

When we are finally done with the move we then argue about where to put things and if that useless ugly stool under the dining room table can be thrown out (spoiler alert: it canโ€™t Iโ€™m looking at it right now).

Iโ€™d like to say I got some tips for you but I donโ€™t. Iโ€™m clearly no expert when it comes to this because time and time again I find myself calling my husband an idiot while he calls me an asshole (I swear we love each other). 

Moving is stressful, in fact, one of the most stressful life events.

If I were to give a tip I guess it would be to compromise and communicate. I know my husband doesnโ€™t do well with change, he gets serious anxiety when anything changes. So instead of me trying to โ€œfixโ€ him, I have learned that sometimes I just need to walk him through the pros and cons. I am his wife, my job is to help him the way I would want him to help me. 

moving is stressful

Moving is stressful but we always find a way to laugh about it later on. With each new place, we learn and we grow. With each year that passes we create new memories. There isnโ€™t anyone else I would want to live with so if I gotta move a few more times, I guess I can handle it. 

Iโ€™ll need wine though. Seriously. Lots of wine. Like a lot!

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