Have you noticed that some people seem positive and hopeful no matter what difficulties they have endured? How can this be?

Defining Resilience

What is resiliency
what does it mean
where does it reside
is it a mere hope, inside our dreams?

of course that is not true
for resiliency is innate
and inside of us
for each of us do possess
a resiliency brilliant and greatโ€ฆ

Resilience is the act of โ€œbouncing backโ€ despite lifeโ€™s stressors and tragedies. People viewed as resilient take each hard experience and use it to learn, grow, and evolve. They see each experience as an opportunity rather than a setback. It is as if they wear a different set of glasses from the rest of us. Is it as easy as changing your prescription to view life through new lenses to become resilient? Feeling beaten down by life makes us feel powerless and hopeless. When we are resilient, we hold the power in our own hands.

The only thing we truly have control over each day is our reactions to what we face. Resilience is connecting to our personal power. It is the overcoming of fear, anxiety, and worry. Each one of us has this ability. It is a trusting that we are protected and cared for by a force greater than ourselves. Resilience needs to be discovered, not cultivated.

โ€ฆThis does not need to be developed
or handled with care
for inside of us
it is already there
it merely needs to be discovered
and its power uncoveredโ€ฆ

resilience sitting on a mountain

โ€œBouncing Backโ€

What does it mean to โ€œbounce backโ€? Must we have no negative reactions to difficulties to view ourselves as resilient?

โ€ฆfor each person, it is true
is equipped with this power
just as each of us have a heart
and a brain, and eyes
our resiliency is a part
just often hidden in disguiseโ€ฆ

Resilience is not about the absence of stress, anxiety, or fluctuations in our moods. We certainly have a right to our emotions and reactions. In fact, they are healthy. When we are faced with a trauma, loss, illness, or relationship strugglesโ€”to name a fewโ€”we need to connect to our emotions to understand how these are affecting us and what we will need to move through the pain they cause.

For example, if people are having panic attacks and anxiety, their body is sending a strong message that something needs to change in their lives. There is something they can do to feel better. Perhaps they are in a job that is stressful and not in alignment with their purpose. This anxiety and panic are exercising oneโ€™s internal voice, telling them what they need to do to get back on track.

When we are being resilient, we take a good look at these emotions and learn from them. Listen to their voice. What do we need to do to feel better? Resilience is taking this information and acting upon it to feel better. Just because we may have times of sadness, panic, or feeling hopeless does not mean we are not resilient. Waking up each day, facing our hardships, and exercising control over how to manage them is resiliency.

However, we often forget we have this power. People who appear to be resilient have a sense of faith that they are supported by the universe and all will be OK. Sometimes, we are not feeling very resilient. How can we connect to this?

โ€ฆfor a lack of belief in ourselves
or a feeling of why
why did this happen to me
why must I suffer
why am I to have hardship
why am I not freeโ€ฆ

Resilience Is Innate In All Of Us

If innately, each of us has resilience, where is it hiding? Where does it reside?

It is these questions when asked
that cover our part
that is our resiliency
beating in rhythm just as our hearts
and the only way to know this
is to set in motion the task
of finding it and discovering it
and knowing truly at last
the we are supported and strong
and can keep walking through all
and our resiliency will guide us
preventing us from a fallโ€ฆ.

Resilience resides in our higher selves. The higher self is an all-knowing part of us that holds information about our past, present, and future. It is filled with wisdom, the ability to heal us physically, mentally and emotionally. Our higher selves are resilient, as they are our direct connection to Source, the power of all creation, ideas, abundance, and healing. Our human experiences and conscious mind can disconnect us from this part of us and our knowing that we are resilient.

Resilience is to be discovered, not strengthened or created. Because we all have a higher self, we also possess resilience. People who are consistently resilient are more connected to their higher selves. They have a knowing of being supported and cared for by the universe around them. The question becomes, for those who donโ€™t feel resilient, how to connect to it? This is perhaps easier than we think. We can do this by cultivating a relationship with our souls.

resilient yoga

Our souls are the true essence of us. They hold every aspect of us and in truth, know us better than we know ourselves. The higher self is guiding us through our lives, helping us evolve and grow in the ways we are meant to evolve and grow. For those of us who believe we are not resilient, we can benefit from discovering our true essence.

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Each struggle in life offers us an opportunity to grow in the ways we are intended. Feeling resilient moves us along on our path and provides a foundation of support as we walk through the difficulties we are presented. Our intuition is the doorway to our higher selves. It is through our intuition that our souls communicate with us.

โ€ฆfor it is not necessarily a strength
a wisdom
or a gift
it is the knowing the truth
the belief that we fit
within a network of support
provided to each one of us
from the universal loves source
this is the truthโ€ฆ

Intuition, The Solar Plexus Chakra, Meditation, And Resilience

How can we connect to our intuition?

โ€ฆOur resiliency emerges
as our belief in this truth
grows and expands
and our thoughts do blend
with the knowing that we
are always supported
it is this universal love so grand
that picks us up each morning
that does break our falls
and carries and supports us
through life and all
all that occurs
all that we experience
all that we fear
all of our worriesโ€ฆ.

Intuition is the built-in part of us which provides guidance and wisdom. When we are connecting to our intuition, we are knowing without evidence. Think of it as a gut response. Everyone has intuition! Many of us ignore it or donโ€™t trust it. Because our intuition is connected to that all-loving higher self; it helps us feel resilient. We discover that we will be OK despite what is going on around us. We also can discover the answers to the questions, โ€œWhat to doโ€ and โ€œHow to manageโ€ our situations. When we have these answers, we feel resilient.

It is the discernment between our intuition and our conscious mind which can present a challenge for many of us. Our ego-mind has a job to do. Its job is to challenge us and fill us with doubt and fear. Fear and doubt only reside there. There is no fear or doubt in our higher selves. Fear and doubt can disconnect us from remembering we are resilient. Our intuition is the communicator for our souls. Our souls are made of love, joy, and trust. They know the path of learning we have embarked upon in this life.

Our chakras connect us to our soul knowledge and are the key to our physical, mental, and emotional health. These are energy points where energy is moving in and out of our bodies continuously, creating balance, stimulating organs and our endocrine systems. The solar plexus chakra is one of our seven major chakras. This is our center for personal identity, self-worth, intuition, power, and resilience.

Those who have a balanced solar plexus chakra have the stamina to feel resilient and able to manage their experiences. They are confident in their sense of self and how they relate to the world around them. Their identity is formed from the inside instead of the outside. People who struggle in this area are typically defining themselves from their experiences with the world around them. They are more focused on their outer selves – their bodies, health, otherโ€™s opinions and comparing themselves to others.

When we focus inward, we can discover our intuition, power, compassion, love, and true beauty. This resides within the solar plexus. The solar plexus provides access to our higher selves. Visualize a river flowing into an ocean. The solar plexus acts as the river flowing directly to the ocean, which represents the higher self.

Meditation can help connect us to our intuition and higher selves. When we meditate, we are slowing down our brain activity. This allows our conscious mind to become quiet. Once our conscious mind has been moved aside, we have access to our intuition and higher selves. Developing a practice of meditation does not have to be difficult. Just a few minutes per day has great positive effects. It can be helpful to think of our conscious mind and higher self in a pyramid. Our conscious mind is at the bottom.

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The next tier is our higher self and then at the top is the universal consciousness where all things are created. Remember, it is within our higher self that resilience resides. Once we can communicate with the higher self, it is possible to access all our wisdom, love, strength and power. It is here that we will discover that we are in fact, resilient, brilliant and powerful.

You can find the poem in this article as a meditation on Kimโ€™s website.

โ€ฆso remember my dears
resiliency is inside of us
lets release all of our fears
and feel the love all around
that keeps us supported
and our feet upon the ground
through each day, week and month
and all of our yearsโ€ฆ.

Other Ways To Connect To Our Resilience

How can self-care, spending time with loved ones and the practice of manifestation help us feel resilient?

Developing a practice of self-care, spending time with those who care for us, and manifesting can also help us feel resilient. Self-care is different for everyone. It doesnโ€™t have to be fancy or expensive! The simple act of taking a salt bath is caring for ourselves. In fact, a salt bath is grounding and can quiet the conscious mind. Any time we quiet the conscious mind, we can connect to our higher selves and be reminded of our resilience. Other simple forms of self-care are reading an enjoyable book, exercising, and drinking plenty of water. When we read, we connect to our imagination. Our imaginations are also part of our higher selves where our resilience lives.

Resilience happy family together

Spending time with those we love is always helpful. This reminds us we are not alone and are supported. Being with others keeps us from feeling isolated, and connects our strength with the strength of others. We can absorb this strength and be reminded we are powerful and resilient. Being with those we love also boosts our mood. When we feel supported by others and are joyful, we are connecting to our higher selves and resilience.

A practice of manifestation can help us in a multitude of waysโ€”in fact, with anything, including feeling resilient. When we manifest, we are speaking to our higher selves. It is our higher selves that send our manifestation to the universal consciousness where all things are created. Why does manifestation help connect us to our resilience? Because manifestation is the act of creating. When we manifest, we are part of the power that creates our own reality.

Connecting to this power reminds us we are resilient. It is knowing we have the power to create which removes fear, anxiety, and doubt, and reminds us we are resilient. Manifestation utilizes our power to make our desires fulfilled. Experiencing the creative outcome of our manifestations connects us to our resilience.

As we move through the stressors and difficulties of life, please know, one always has the capacity to bounce back and be resilient. This resides innately in each of us, always waiting to be discovered.

โ€ฆso we must search deep inside
until we find our own golden light
shining and glistening
brilliant and bright
and feed it with love
and feed it with gratitude
for this is our resiliency
beaming with joy that we have found it
and ready to do its job of guiding us through
each trial of life
given to us
this we must trust.

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